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This eLearning Circle platform is part of the LLP EU project NOPROS, and it has been designed to address two main goals:

  • Allow NOPROS partners, who are testing the Learning Circles Curricula developed within the project, to share their experiences.
  • Give the possibility to people and organizations interested in using NOPROS Curricula to be inspired by the experience gained by the Consortium.

Each eLearning Circle in the platform represents one testing performed by one of the NOPROS partner and it is structured as follows:

  • Introduction: a post providing a general overview about the Leagning Circle testing.
  • Experience: a series of posts devoted to give a detailed explanation about each session of the testing: topics covered, activities performed, observations by the facilitator.
  • Wrap up: a post dedicated to present the lesson learned by the experience; things to be improved, elements that worked out perfectly, materials which can be added to the curriculum.

Take a look at the rich experience we are collecting, navigating the right menu.